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From hard-tails to full-suspension, aluminum frames to carbon, 26-inch wheels to 29ers, tubeless tires and Bluetooth shifting – the world of mountain biking is constantly being revolutionized. And Mons Royale is adding to the momentum. Our revolution comes in the form of apparel, specifically merino MTB jerseys.

The beauty of mountain biking is that the best trail features come from nature itself. That steep, but grippy rock slab, a rhythmic root section or a decaying tree-stump just waiting to be jumped – can’t be crafted by human trail-builders.

Mountain biker rides natural with Mons Royale merino mountain bike apparel

Mons Royale encapsulates this idea in our mountain bike jerseys. Because we believe that the best comes from nature, our jerseys are constructed using merino wool. And with that, comes the long list of merino’s legendary benefits, which all culminates in naturally better performance on the trails.

It goes back to merino sheep. Living in the high alpine, these animals thrive in extreme summer and winter climates. Their wool has evolved to keep them warm and dry in the cold, while simultaneously regulating their temperature when it gets hot. Plus, merino wool has a natural structure that prevents bacteria from attaching, making it an anti-odour powerhouse. See, the merino sheep is just like you – they too love to spend time in the mountains. Which is why their wool is perfectly evolved for this environment.

Ride natural with Mons Royale ZQ merino mountain bike apparel

This means that farmers ensure their sheep live by the Five Freedoms. ZQ Merino is traceable to the exact farm from which it came, mulesing-free and the farms are consistently audited.

The Five Freedoms of ZQ Merino sheep. Ride Natural with Mons Royale Merino Mountain Bike Apparel

By meeting the eight criteria listed below, ZQ Merino used in Mons Royale mountain bike jerseys demonstrate our commitment to making a great product, the right way.

Mons began making winter baselayers because we saw an opportunity to create performance apparel with disruptive edge. We wanted to fill a gap in the market. Now, we’ve set our sights on another gap – naturally better mountain bike jerseys.

Mountain bikers ride natural with Mons Royale merino mountain bike apparel

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