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CRankwork Whistler Was Wild!

And just like that, Crankworx Whistler is done and dusted. It was a whirlwind 10 days, full of excitement, pressure, socialising and heaps of fun.

For the first time in two years, the global mountain bike community has returned to Crankworx Whistler for the ultimate homecoming and celebration of all things mountain bike. Thousands of avid mountain bike fans flocked to Whistler to experience the excitement, crowds and pressure, a beautiful sight for the town that had been missing their special event.

With an epic start to the 2022 season with Crankworx Innsbruck and the Canadian Summer Series, Whistler provided Mons athletes the ultimate platform to ride, race and compete at the world’s most spectacular and famous mountain-bike hub.

Crowd at Whistler CRX watching the action

Matthew Fairbrother kicked it off with the Enduro World Series, holding it rubber side down to 9th place in U21’s on five gruelling stages and 30 degree heat. This was an incredible feat as he cracked his carbon rim on Stage Two. “I smashed my wheel on the second stage, so I was biking with a flat all day. The last stage was super pedally and they were all really hard and physical – none of them were easy. Stage Two, Golden Boner, was my favourite!”

Matthew Fairbrother

Robin Goomes battled hard to secure a bronze medal in Speed Style, following her golden success in Innsbruck. She was pulling out back-flip knacks and double Suis, all while pushing through the pain of a dodgy ankle, that she injured at Big White earlier in the week. Conditions were tough, such as a technical course, struggling to find speed through the trick jumps, and sun-strike on the last jump, but as Robin gracefully acknowledged “we are all battling the same things!” We are incredibly proud of Robin who displayed true Kiwi grit to push through these challenges and bring home the bronze!

Robin Goomes does a backflip at Speed & Style

Peter Kaiser, Robin Goomes and Kelsey Timpany held down the fort at the Whip-Off at the infamous Crabbe Apple Hits, where the venue was absolutely packed out with wild mountain bike fans who were eager to see the world’s best throw down. Casey Brown and Kelsey Timpany also competed in Air DH and showcased style and flow down famous A-Line.

Robin Goomes Air DH

Not only did Whistler provide competition, but also an opportunity to showcase beautiful photography and cinematography at Deep Summer and Dirt Diaries, where we were proud to have Mons ambassadors Celeste Pomerants, Kelsey Timpany and Peter Wognar proudly rep their Merino threads in these projects throughout the Whistler Bike Park and the Sea-to-Sky Region. A huge congratulations to Peter Wognar who secured first place at Dirt Diaries with his hit ‘Washed Up’ and special mention to Robin Goomes who was the lead actress in Martha Gill’s debut Dirt Diaries film, who secured third place.

With the close of Crankworx Whistler 2022, the mountain bike stoke is well and truly back within the Crankworx Community. We now look forward to Crankworx Cairns, a whole new venue and opportunity for our Mons Royale crew in October 2022!

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